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JAF Makeup Brushes Set, 24 Professional Cosmetic Brushes Plus Bag

JAF Makeup Brushes Set, 24 Professional Cosmetic Brushes Plus Bag

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Product Description:
  • Set of eye shadow, eyeliner, shading, foundation, and concealer brushes in different sizes and shapes
  • Delivers flawless and precise look even on tricky curves or corners
  • Environmental friendly toxic-free glue used on bristle and handle for durable and stable finish
  • Ultra-fine fiber bristles are soft on skin with no irritation or allergies
  • Uniformly blend and distribute power and cream without absorbing cosmetics
  • No shedding, breaking, or bad smell

How to clean makeup brush:

  1. Cleaning the brushes: Use special brush cleaning product or gentle washing products like baby shampoo. Rinse brush under lukewarm water. Soak brush in a bowl of lukewarm water and cleaning product or natural shampoo. Swirl each brush tip in the bowl. Rinse brush under running water.
  1. Cleaning precautions: Don't wash against hair.
  1. Drying the brushes: Gently press bristles with tissue or cotton pad to drain water quickly. Don't twist bristles, which can loosen the structure or cause hair loss.
  1. Proper drying: Place brush bristle-side up to dry naturally. Avoid using hot blowers or exposing the brush to sunlight to prevent material damage.

Package Includes:

1 x Set of 24 Brushes and Bag

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