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7 Function Spray Nozzle 100 FT Water Hose Gun Multi Pattern Garden Adjustable Mist

7 Function Spray Nozzle 100 FT Water Hose Gun Multi Pattern Garden Adjustable Mist

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Product Features:

  1. Three Times Water Magic Hose Pipe: Expanding, Expandable, Flexible Garden Car Spray Gun.
  2. Crafted from premium materials for long-lasting durability.
  3. Rapidly expands to three times its original size when water is turned on, and fully retracts to its original length when water is off.
  4. Seven adjustable spray modes: flat, center, cone, full, mist, jet, and shower.
  5. Versatile for various daily tasks such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, and more.
  6. Lightweight and portable, making it convenient to carry, use, and store.
  7. Polyester fabric cover protects the inner tube for added durability.
  8. Ergonomic handle on the spray nozzle provides comfortable use.
  9. Flexible hoses are designed to be tangle-free, twist-free, and kink-free.
  10. This water hose is made from wear-resistant material with higher resilience compared to commonly used materials like TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), ensuring long-lasting performance.

Product Specifics:

Design: Lightweight, Compact & Portable
Max. Pressure: 12 Kg
Modes: Flat, Center, Cone, Full, Mist, Jet, Shower
Nozzle Size: 5 cm
Ideal: Watering & Cleaning Process
Hose Thickness: 2 mm
Suitable: Garden, RV, Pool & Boat
Flat Length: 9 mm
Length: 100 FT
Type: Garden Hose Pipe
Material: Imitate Latex & Dacron Outer Pipe
Hose Expands: Up to 3 Times of Its Length

Usage Notice:

  1. Maintain hydraulic pressure within the range of 2-6 KG (0.2MPA-0.6MPA).
  2. Operate within a temperature range of -30℃ to +40℃, which is the natural environment temperature.
  3. Please drain the pipe after each use.
  4. After using the pipe, store it in a shaded and cool place to prevent aging.
  5. When using the telescopic pipe, extend it first, then gradually increase the hydraulic pressure to the standard level, using low hydraulic pressure and small flows to fill all parts of the pipe.
  6. Avoid starting with high hydraulic pressure when the pipe is coiled together to prevent sudden stretching and potential explosion or fracture of the pipe.
  7. Do not use hot water with the pipe.
  8. Do not forcefully pull the joints apart.
  9. Do not use a vehicle to apply pressure to the pipe.
  10. The elongation effect of the pipe is dependent on the water pressure.

Package Includes:

1 x Pipe
1 x Spray Nozzle

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