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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Large LCD Display

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Large LCD Display

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Product Description:

  1. Wrist-type blood pressure monitor that runs on batteries (not included).
  2. Voice broadcast feature announces the results of measurements, suitable for seniors and visually impaired individuals; voice function can be turned off if not needed.
  3. Dual-user mode allows two users to store data, with each user having 99 sets of memory that include date and time stamp; enables tracking of fitness and comparison of trends over time.
  4. Updated irregular heartbeat detector alerts users of irregular heartbeats during measurement and displays a warning signal on screen in a timely manner.
  5. To ensure accurate measurements, keep the monitor at the same height as the heart during measurement, relax and avoid moving, and avoid drinking alcohol or coffee, eating, smoking, exercising, or bathing 30 minutes before measuring.

Package Content:

1 x Blood Pressure Monitor

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